About Us

Packaging Remedies, now operational as Omni Cans & Printers Pvt Ltd has been a pioneer in manufacturing tin boxes since the last three decades. The world class artisanal tin packaging from the stable currently finds a place in more than 20,000 diversified stores across the globe. Backed by passionate experience the company offers a wide range of designer metal boxes.

Deploying unequal technical and aesthetic mastery each tin box manufactured at Packaging Remedies is a feat : ultra modern style, timeless illustration, aesthetic innovation, quality par excellence and ease of use.

All metal boxes are made by using 100% treated tinplate which is fully and easily recyclable. All our tin boxes are safe for alimentary contact such as tea, coffee, biscuits et al.

Packaging Remedies is committed to supplying to all its customers 100% lead free products in International as well Domestic markets.

The incidental concentration levels of lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium present in any package or package component does not exceed 100 parts per million by weight.

Total (pb + cd + hg + cr - vi) ≤ 100 ppm.

Further, the packaging also ensures that conflict free minerals standards are met.